Should I Ride Elephants in Thailand?

Should I Ride Elephants in Thailand?

Do you want to interact with elephants on your trip to Thailand?

It’s highly likely, as elephant experiences are one of the country’s main attractions for visitors. These majestic animals are emblematic of Thailand, so it’s understandable why so many people want to get close to them
What’s more, visitors may have never seen an elephant in their life before, and may never see another again. So when we’re asked the question, “Should I ride elephants in Thailand?”, our answer is no.

Is it Ethical to Ride Elephants in Thailand?

Ethics are personal, so we can only answer for ourselves.
At the Lanta Elephant Sanctuary, we believe it is unethical to ride elephants.
The elephants we have rescued from situations of cruelty and exploitation are free to enjoy their life in a space that is identical to their natural habitat.
This allows them to behave naturally. Elephants are social, playful animals that love to roam. On our reserve, our elephants can do whatever they want, whenever they want!


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