9 wonderful things about Elephants

9 wonderful Elephants

9 wonderful things about Elephants

The elephant has many wonderful things in terms of how elephants live and the various parts of the body that make humans surprised when we learned of these wonders.

  1. Elephants have a period of pregnancy around 640 – 660 days, for a total of 95 weeks or twice as long as a human pregnancy.
  2. Elephant’s dung can be used for many purposes, such as using mosquito repellent, stationary, and biogas renewable energy from elephant dung.
  3. The elephant’s brain weighs more than 5 kilograms, which is the largest of all the animals. Moreover, they can remember more than 30 elephants, and they also have an EQ equal to a chimpanzee.
  4. Elephant’s ears are able to use as a cooling device from the body and also can repel insects.
  5. Elephants can smell water sources that are further than 19.2 kilometers.
  6. The elephant has sweat glands at the base of the nail. Thus, when it is hot, the nail will be getting wet.
  7. There are a total of 6 molars that rotate throughout their life.
  8. The trunk has 100,000 muscles, which can lift up to 270 kilograms.
  9. The elephant has color blindness for green and red color, which they can only see yellow and blue.

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