Say no to Elephant Riding

Say no to Elephant Riding

Do you know “a lot of elephants have been using for the tourism industry for their whole life”?

An elephant is a poor animal that apart from being used as labor in terms of dragged the wood in the past. Nowadays, a lot of elephants have been using for tourism such as elephant trekking or elephant show.

These are all elephant will get suffer for being a part of the tourism industry.

  • Stress and mental painful happen with the elephants because they were taken from their families by mahout for cruel practicing. Moreover, they are always chained and unable to exhibit natural behavior.
  • The risk to be sick and illness from poor quality food and not enough food that they should eat per day.
  • Get a lot of scar from carrying too much weight and being hit with hook or nail by mahouts.

Lastly, Elephants are wild animals which supposed to be in the forest and should not be used for any show. A simple rule that everyone can do is “Stop Riding The Elephant” and “Stop Watching The Elephant Show”.

Thus, if you are those who love the elephant and want to closely do the activity along with the elephant without violence in term of

  • Waking with the elephant
  • Elephant bathing
  • Feeding the elephant
  • Preparing Foods and Herbal Medicine for Elephants
  • Learning the process of ‘Making Paper from the Elephants’ Dung


We can all be a part of helping elephants. Please try to come and visit Lanta sanctuary for a once in your life.

Thank you for your care and your support!


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