The knowledge of elephant dung


The knowledge of elephant dung.

The elephant is a hundred percent vegetarian animal which is a hundred percent herbivores,

So the elephant dung will look similar to a variety of plant fibers that have been thoroughly crushed.

Which elephant dung can tell us many things in terms of telling the size and age of elephants.

Big Elephants will have large dung, and Small Elephants or Young Elephants, will have small dung and consist of more detailed fibers.

While the elder elephants, their digestive efficiency is reduced, so the dung will be coarse.

Elephant dung has many benefits as follows.

  • Able to be used as a mosquito repellent due to elephants are herbivores so elephant dung can be a herb without danger.
  • Used as biogas, which is renewable energy from elephant dung.
  • To make stationary equipment or souvenirs in terms of elephant dung paper.
  • Used as a bio-organic that has many features of elephant manure in terms of Trichoderma which helps to prevent root rot, Azotobacter sp. helps to continuously decompose the soil organic matter, and also has an organism that can change the P elements in the soil to p2o5 helping to increase the Chitosan for accelerate the growth of plants.


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