The White Elephants

White Elephants

The White Elephants

The elephant is the Thailand National Animal since the past until nowadays.The Elephant is the majestic king of Thailand and also the representation of faith, fortune and the sacred halo of Thailand.

Elephants with the royal grace of His Majesty or also known as “the white elephant” which is a sacred animal that praises the honor and majesty of the king.

Most people might understand that white elephants must be only white in color. But according to the scripture, there are several colors in terms of white, yellow, green, red, black, purple, and clouds which must consist of 7 main characteristics as follows: white eyes, white palate, white nail, white skin, long tail hair, and white testicle.

“White elephant” is divided into 3 main types which are

  • The 1st white elephant, called “Sarn Sa Whet“, this type has the correct characteristics according to the scripture, with a large body and white skin. This is a national elephant.
  • The 2nd white elephant, called “Pathum Hatti“, this type has pink skin like lotus petals or dried lotus. This is an auspicious elephant which is suitable for the war.
  • The 3rd white elephant, called “Sa Whet Kutchaluk“, skin color is like a dried banana leaf.

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