Why do elephants have to take baths?

elephants have to take baths

Why do elephants have to take baths?

Because elephants are animals that can not tolerate heat very well. Moreover, the elephant has black skin, and many people know that black is the best color that absorbs heat.

From the research, it is found that the black surface when reflected sunlight is reflected only 5%,  and absorbed up to 95%, which is absolutely different from the white surface which is reflected 95% and absorbs only 5% of the heat.

Therefore, the large black elephant can absorb a lot of heat from sunlight. While elephants are animals without sweat glands, so the elephant bathing is crucial as it will help the elephant to cool off the body temperature. Moreover, The mud applied to the elephant’s body is like applying sunscreen which will protect its skin from Ultraviolet (UV)

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