Stop elephant trekking

Stop elephant trekking

Stop elephant trekking

An elephant is the most popular and favorite animal in the tourism industry. But more than a hundred elephants have been abused by riding and performing elephant shows. These reasons are causing elephants to be less. Let’s see the reason why we should stop supporting elephant trekking and watching an elephant show.

  1. The baby elephant was separated from their mother.

Before the elephant could show, there must be a ritual that will make the elephant taming, called the “Pha Jan” ceremony. In which is the ceremony by the mahout will separate the baby from the mother elephant. For practicing smoothly, preventing the baby elephant from escaping back to their mother, and also preventing the mother elephant attack the mahout during training.

  1. Elephants cannot return to the forest.

Naturally, elephants are animals that live in a herd with their family.Moreover, elephant habitat is indefinitely according to natural conditions and the surrounding food supply. But when they are trained, they have to stay still for a long time and eat the food that humans find. Causing the behavior of elephants will absolutely change and unable to live on their own. At one point, the elephant has to return to the forest, then elephants will die because of a lack of appropriate food and water sources.

  1. The risk of PTSD disease.

PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This disease occurs when faced with the situations that emotional or psychological threats which cause stress, depression, and affecting their lives. However, this disease can also occur with elephants, according to the research showing various baby elephants were trained will have stress symptoms. In which this is another factor that makes elephants unable to live normally.

  1. Bad Health from hard work.

Riding elephants, dragging and standing for a long time can directly affect the elephant’s marrow. Because the elephant’s body is designed to support only its body weight and the curved spine is not suitable for carrying large belongings.

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