Elephant food


Elephant food

The elephant is a hundred percent vegetarian animal that eats only plants about 250 kilograms per day. Most people might think the elephant food consists of only bananas and sugarcane.

But actually, elephants can eat various different plants in terms of grass, bamboo, vines, perennials, and the mineral licks which contain various minerals that are necessary for the body such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium.

Elephants like to eat ripe fruits and always remember the season when the fruits ripen in each season

and they like to eat tamarind very much. Thus, when elephants are sick,

mahout will put the medicine mix with tamarind to make the elephant take the medicine easier.

We can all be a part of helping elephants. Please try to come and visit Lanta sanctuary for a once in your life.

Thank you for your care and your support!