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The elephant’s brain

elephant’s brain

The elephant’s brain The elephant’s brain weighs more than 5 kilograms. It has the largest mass compared to the brains of all terrestrial animals and an elephant’s brain is three times larger than a human’s brain. Elephants can remember more than 30 elephants and also remember other animals that have a bond with them for […]

What is the sanctuary?

What is the sanctuary

What is the sanctuary? The sanctuary is an area where wildlife animals can live safely and peacefully. That is safe and free in which all elephants weren’t abused or performed shows. Elephants that live in Sanctuary will get a few control from humans as possible because the elephants that live in Sanctuary do not real […]

Let’s touch elephant’s hand

Let’s touch elephant’s hand

Let’s touch elephant’s hand The trunk is the part of the lips long till the nose in which elephants can use a trunk for many things. The main function of the trunk is used for breathing and smelling. Moreover, it is also important for elephants to use for touching, handling things, and showing their emotions. […]

The knowledge of elephant dung


The knowledge of elephant dung. The elephant is a hundred percent vegetarian animal which is a hundred percent herbivores, So the elephant dung will look similar to a variety of plant fibers that have been thoroughly crushed. Which elephant dung can tell us many things in terms of telling the size and age of elephants. […]



Elephant’s Encyclopedia : Male Elephants When male elephants reach the age between the ages of 8-13 years, they tend to spend more time at the edge of the herd. They will eventually be pushed out by the group leader or will be set out voluntarily from their natal group. While male elephants live primarily solitary […]



We are Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary. All the retried elephants at our sanctuary are from over the country. We never raise them, but we took them in and wish they don’t have to move around and being homeless. Sometime, the elephant came with their mahout. We took both of them in at the same time. […]

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